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The reforming Finnish forest industry needs high additional value applications that meet the global challenges of sustainable business development. VTT and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Xamk strengthen their cooperation in the piloting of cellulose-based biomaterial development work and industrial production. The research and development work particularly focuses on sustainable packaging and textiles.

The cooperation of the test operations and skills of two significant research operators in the industry can significantly improve the pilot-based research and business cooperation of new biomaterials and their production techniques. The aim of the cooperation is to grow the test production of new cellulose qualities to meet the needs of the reforming forest industry.

– Cellulose plays an important role in renewable packaging, and this sector of application can be further grown. A growing market can also be found for cellulose in textile applications. Our aim is to raise modified Finnish wood fibre and related skills to a new level, states Ali Harlin, Research Professor at VTT.

With the cooperation agreement, VTT aims to scale the further processing of cellulose to an industrial pilot scale by utilising Xamk Fibre Laboratory’s equipment and services in terms of bleaching cellulose and chemical pre-treatments.

– At VTT, we have invested in research infrastructure at our own units. Xamk’s expertise and equipment supplement our selection in an important manner in the development and piloting of new cellulose products, says Jussi Manninen, Business Area Director at VTT.

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences has developed the processing techniques of cellulose at Savonlinna’s Fibre Laboratory, particularly in terms of bleaching and washing wood fibre. The agreement is an extremely important opening for Xamk.

– Cooperation with VTT allows Xamk to grow its international level research operations. I consider the partnership as an important indication of trust. The agreement is in line with the agreement concluded between Xamk and Aalto University in December, it indicates Xamk’s direction and level of operations, states Jyrki Koivikko, Chairman of the Board of Xamk and Councillor for Education.

– Together with VTT, we consider that the strengthened cooperation is a valuable acknowledgement for our applicable research, emphasises Heikki Saastamoinen, Xamk’s Managing Director and Principal.

The cooperation shall increase the practical piloting cooperation and the expert exchange between the partners. At the same time, the cooperation of researchers and piloting staff between Xamk’s Fibre Laboratory in Savonlinna, VTT’s Bioruukki and Otaniemi’s research infrastructures shall increase.

More information:

Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT Oy
Jussi Manninen, Business Area Director, tel. 040 535 5947,

Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT Oy
Ali Harlin, Research Professor, tel. 040 533 2179,

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Jyrki Koivikko, Chairman of the Board, Chancellor for Education, tel. 040 670 5509,

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Heikki Saastamoinen, Managing Director, Principal, tel. 050 312 5151,