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_Synergy benefits

The operating environment of Savonlinna’s Technology Park Noheva has been designed to support and serve high technology operators – by allowing the creation of new innovations, industrial development, companies’ success and their internationalisation.


Develop ideas and products in the company of top experts. In addition to innovative companies, the Fibre Laboratory of South-East Finland’s University of Applied Sciences Xamk, and the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) operate at the technology park. The Fibre Laboratory provides companies with research and development operations as well as piloting and analysis services.

On the other hand, Luke’s research and expert organisation works to promote the sustainable use and bioeconomy of natural resources. Both organisations cooperate closely with the companies of the technology park.


South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk trains the process engineering students at the Xamk Fibre Laboratory situated at Savonlinna’s technology park. After graduating, the engineers of bioproducts engineering are employed in the forest industry as well as companies that serve the said industry, such as product manufacturers.


SAMIedu Vocational College on the other hand, customises targeted training for the needs of working life. Targeted training allows companies to quickly acquire suitable and skilled workforce.

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Top class product development and testing conditions, as well as partners, are available to companies at the technology park. Xamk’s Fibre Laboratory ffers a world-class product development and testing environment for the forest and technology industry. In addition, Luke’s laboratory for increasing the forest growth is situated at Noheva as well.

The future-creating cooperation between Noheva’s companies and researchers attracts more companies and communities to the technology park.

Fibre laboratory

Xamk’s Electronics 3K factory, is also situated in Savonlinna, and its services cover the electronics’ training, development and production services suitable for company needs.

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Wide-scale networks available to you! The technology park utilises public services, companies, local organisations and corporate development services in the creation of corporate networks. Cooperation has been facilitated by bringing the services of universities, research institutes and public business services within easy reach.

UPM Plywood Oy’s Savonlinna plywood factory, Metsä Wood plywood and laminated veneer lumber factories, Sahakuutio Oy which specialises in the processing of small-diameter logs and heat-treated timber, and Puutaito Oy which is a subcontracting company in the further processing industry of timber form Finland’s largest concentration of mechanical forest industry in Savonlinna by offering support for growth and internationalisation.

The long and deep-reaching connection of Savonlinna area with forests is also indicated by the nationally renowned national museum and science centre, the Finnish Forest Museum Lusto, which operates in Punkaharju, and which is an international meeting place for the history and future of people and the forest, and which operates as a display window of forest bioeconomy in Punkaharju.

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