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Noheva’s operating environment has been designed to particularly serve the sectors of wood processing, the forest industry, bioeconomy as well as environmental and energy engineering.

The City of Savonlinna is strongly involved in developing the vitality of the area and in the support of new innovations. We create the prerequisites for companies to establish themselves and grow in Savonlinna, and we carry out operations that improve the availability of workforce and enhance business life.

The city’s business services serve start-up, operating as well as growth and development-seeking companies at different stages of business operations. Together we develop the best possible operational prerequisites that enable your company to succeed and create permanent jobs.

We also serve in matters related to business growth and internationalisation. Business sparring and financial advisory services for investment projects are typical matters in which we help companies in our field of expertise.

In addition to trade ombudsmen, experts of various projects from Savonlinnan Hankekehitys Oy are available for assistance. Our business advisors have comprehensive experience in entrepreneurship and the development of companies. In cooperation with various authorities, we produce an overall solution for your company’s service needs on a case-specific basis. You can ask us for advice in any business-related issues.

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ANDRITZ Oy is one of the world’s leading suppliers of systems, equipment and services for the cellulose and paper industry. The company also offers various biomass boilers and gas plants for energy production.

ANDRITZ Oy’s head office is located in Helsinki and its competence centres are located in Kotka, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Savonlinna, Varkaus and Tampere. ANDRITZ Hydro Oy supplies systems, equipment and services for the hydropower industry. ANDRITZ Oy has two workshops: ANDRITZ Savonlinna Works Oy and ANDRITZ Warkaus Works Oy. The number of employees at ANDRITZ companies in Finland is approximately 1,300 and globally more than 29,000. The company is part of the international technology group ANDRITZ, which has approximately 280 business units in more than 40 countries.

ANDRITZ Savonlinna Works Oy

ANDRITZ Savonlinna Works Oy owned by ANDRITZ Oy delivers machinery and equipment for the cellulose and paper industry worldwide.

The workshop manufactures e.g. cellulose washers, drum filters, disc filters, cellulose pulping equipment and pressure devices, as well as spare parts for them. 
In addition, the company delivers equipment repairs and modernisations as well as installation, maintenance and downtime services around the world.

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The entire world is the campus of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk. The brick and mortar buildings are situated in Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli and Savonlinna.

Xamk’s Fibre Laboratory, which is situated at Technology Park Noheva, promotes the sustainable development of the forest and technology industry as well as the sensible use of resources. At the Fibre Laboratory water and energy saving solutions are developed, new methods for processing water and sludge are piloted and further processing of wood fibre is promoted. Xamk trains bioproducts engineering and civil engineering students at the technology park. In addition, the operating environment is utilised in the Bachelor studies of electrical and automation engineering programmes.

The aim of the Fibre Laboratory is that the results and new solutions support the competitiveness of the companies. Research and development operations are company-oriented, and their turnover is at an annual level of 1.5 – 2 million euros. In addition, Xamk offers companies commission-based research, piloting and analysis services.

Xamk’s Electronics 3K factory offers companies product development and production services in electronics and carries out research and development according to companies’ needs. We also offer companies training in electronics manufacturing. Our comprehensive testing services diversely support product development and production. We offer e.g. products’ condition-based testing, x-ray inspections and many other electronics testing services.

One of the objectives of the 3K factory’s operations is the development and growth of the regional electronics industry. The operations and operating environment of the service and development organisation allow comprehensive product development and production services for companies.
The 3K factory is equipped with a modern electronics operating environment, which allows the production of diverse products, from prototypes to serial manufacturing and testing.

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Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research and expert organisation of approximately 1,300 people, which aims to use research to promote the sustainability, profitability and competitiveness of companies and business operations that utilise renewable natural resources. Luke also has regulatory tasks. The location network covers all of Finland.

The researchers and experts who work at Luke produce new solutions for the sustainable development of Finnish bioeconomy and for promoting new business operations. In cooperation we strive for a bioeconomy-based society.

The sustainable use of natural resources particularly requires the development of knowledge and new business models – and close cooperation. We convene the experts of natural resources and responsible food production. This makes us one of the most multidisciplinary research centres in the industry.

The Natural Resources Institute Finland also has legislative regulatory tasks. It ensures the monitoring of natural resources, certified production of saplings, inspection of pesticides, retention of gene resources, calculation of greenhouse gases, supports the natural resources policy and produces Finland’s official food and natural resource statistics.

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Teknosavo Oy specialises in the optical measurement equipment of the process industry and they are implementing a wide-scale investment in premises at Savonlinna Technology Park Noheva.

Teknosavo specialises in the delivery of optimisation and online measurement systems for the processes of the wood processing industry, as well as customer projects that require electronics, automation, software and mechanics design.

Teknosavo was established in 1988 and it has developed high-quality technical knowledge for the processes of the wood processing industry. During our years of operations, we have developed into target process experts of our large industrial customers operating in an international environment. The experts at Teknosavo’s Savonlinna unit are experienced in measurement systems, engineering design and programming of the wood processing industry, and they are committed to deliver reliable equipment and systems with advanced working methods.

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Visma Tampuuri Oy develops the most comprehensive national software for the management of property industry processes and for high-quality leadership, that being Tampuuri – the property business operations’ management system.

Approximately 90 experts develop, sell and train Tampuuri on a daily basis. Our business units are located in Salo, Helsinki, Pori, Savonlinna, Jyväskylä and Turku. In 2018, the company’s turnover was more than 10 million euros. Tampuuri is currently used for the management of more than one million apartments and 81,000 properties.

Two million Finns live, work or carry out recreational activities in properties that are managed with Tampuuri. Tampuuri is an overpowered market leader of property information systems in Finland. Tampuuri’s strengths include its browser-based operations, strong integrations and diverse online services for residents and shareholders.

Our customers include property management offices, public administration institutes, municipalities, major property owners, maintenance companies, rental property communities, various companies and associations.

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An innovation company which specialises in the recovery of carbon dioxide from industrial processes.

Savonlinnan Yritystilat Oy is a limited liability company which is entirely owned by the City of Savonlinna. The company manages, develops and builds offices for companies to use. Savonlinnan Yritystilat Oy holds office building Noheva 1 at Technology Park Noheva. Savonlinnan Yritystilat Oy owns the Fibre Laboratory building at the Technology Park Noheva.

The Suomen Controlteam is a developer agency that specialises in construction and building services, which offers expert services in construction and supervision for companies and public operators that own real estate.

An expert in translation communications which specialises in technical translations, marketing content and software localisation.

Granlund Savonlinna
Granlund Kuopio Oy offers services in building services in the area of Southern Savo.

Our operations cover a wide range of services. In addition to building service design, a major role in our operations includes e.g. cleanroom design, research and development operations as well as property management services.

Our customers include hospitals and health centres, industry, public sector, offices and business premises as well as residential buildings.

Makron is an overall industrial supplier. We manufacture machinery and devices as the contract manufacturers of technology suppliers, and we offer our own technologies for log construction and for the utilisation of recycled cellulose fibre. Our core expertise includes the design of machinery and production lines, production and industrial automation solutions, all from one supplier.

Makron’s head office is situated in Hollola and manufacturing takes place in Finland and Estonia. Our office in Savonlinna offers comprehensive design services for customers operating in different industries.

Sitowise is an expert company of the developed environment which offers all the industry’s design, expert and digital services under the same roof. Almost 1,700 infrastructure and building construction experts as well as information system experts work for us, and together they produce high-quality and unprejudiced new solutions for our customers.

We operate in 20 cities and we are involved in thousands of interesting projects. We are involved in wide-scaled regional and urban planning sites, and we solve customers’ individual challenges. Our expertise covers the design of the entire developed environment – from infrastructure to buildings in both new build and renovation sites.

IT service company Advania Finland Oy is an understandable and comprehensive partner which helps its customer grow with the help of services. We are an interpreter and implementer of IT needs in the support of the customer’s operations. We currently employ 330 employees.

Our services cover the company’s overall IT needs from end-user support to cloud services and from continuous services to expert work. Services also include challenging special solutions, such as identity and access control and machine room services.